Łódzki Ośrodek JuJitsu / JuJutsu

Hanshi Dariusz Otocki

Born in 1965. He has gained secondary medical education and technical security training. Has been training judo and karate kyokushinkai since 1978 and jujitsu since 1982. Since 1986 he has been practising jujitsu under teacher’s supervision of Krzysztof Staniszewski from Poznan. In 1989 he set up Lodz JuJitsu/JuJutsu Centre which has been continuing it’s activity until today. In 1994, by the the Lodz JuJitsu/JuJutsu Centre there was created Lodz Hakko Ryu JuJutsu Centre. Dariusz Otocki is the co-founder of the Polish Organisation of Hakko Ryu JuJutsu and one of its three directors. At present this Organisation is called Hakko Den Shin Ryu Jujutsu-Polska.

By the Lodz JuJitsu/JuJutsu Centre there has been also created an agency of the Polish Trainers Association of Uniformed Services.

Lodz JuJitsu/JuJutsu Centre cooperates closely with:

and other organisations from Europe and all over the world.
Shihan Dariusz Otocki is an international instructor. At present he holds the functions of:


Retired since 2012.

Shihan Dariusz Otocki also conducts trainings in:

Technical levels and qualifications are acknowledged by the above-mentioned jujitsu organisations in Europe, as well as many organisations and jujitsu masters from all over the world (Canada, the USA, Israel).
Shihan Dariusz Otocki was trained, among others, by:


Shihan Dariusz Otocki currently holds the following ranks:

Active instructors of Lodz JuJitsu/JuJutsu Centre

Other instructors of Lodz JuJitsu/JuJutsu Centre

Masters, which our centre cooperates with:

Soke Profesor Keido Yamaue

more about master at his website...

Soke Sensei Antonio Garcia

more about master at his website...

Shihan Krzysztof Staniszewski

Shihan Marek Pantkowski

more about master at his website...

Shihan Paolo Colla

more about master at his website...

Hanshi Siegfried Lory

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Other masters, which our centre has had contatct with:

† Hanshi Dr Krzysztof Kondratowicz - 10 DAN JJ, Chairman of Polish Jiu-Jitsu Goshin -Ryu Centre

Profesor Donatan Stewert - 10 DAN Ju Jitsu i Karate - founder of "STEWERT'S AMERICAN MARTIAL ART SYSTEM"

Kioshi Terri Vengrov - 9 DAN EJJU

Michael J. Lamonica Shihan Kaiden/San Dai Kichu Hakko Ryu Ju Jutsu - 9 DAN World Ju Jitsu Federation (the highest grade, which belongs to non-Asian)

Dr Dennis Hanover Hanshi - 9 DAN JJ Past Master, President of Dennis Survival Ju Jitsu in Israel, V-ce President of EJJU and JF, Main Instructor of Military Training Center in Israel.

R. M. Yamanaka Kyoshi - International Prezydent Yudansha Kobujitsu Karate Doh Federation (Y.K.K.F.), 1 V-ce President World Union of Martial Arts Federations, President Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Doh Federation Jundokan (Canada)

† Hanshi Lucjano Forralosso - 10 DAN INT.LE - Presidente Commissione, Technice Federale F.I.S.JJ

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